Just Makes Me MAD!!!

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Well, got up this morning to find our blog on #*@&** Google’s Blogspot.com deleted (by Google).  No if, ands, or buts, just gone.  Just wanted to strangle the dorks.

Anyway, decided to try something new (wordpress) before I totally give up on blogs.  Mimi and I decided that something with more photos would be better for us – so I think this format will work great.

OK, onward.  My dental work is done for now.  2 broken teeth repaired, 1 major root repair & filling, 1 gone.  Total cost … you ready for this … $135.   Now it’s Mimi’s turn.  So, we went to a Clinic that was recommended to us this morning for Mimi’s cleaning (to start).  Nice doctor – nice assistant – practically no English spoken.  We were all laughing at the situation, but the end result is we had no idea what he was telling us and his English was as bad as our Spanish, so we were all in the dark.  Next stop for Mimi is either Doctora Ortega or Doctor Acosta (both speak English).  We’ll keep you posted.

Got my pants today (finally).  There is a post office club here where we can order stuff from the states, have it sent to a Miami address, and they forward it to us for a fee.  Takes about 2 weeks to get the stuff, but it does get here.  Pants cost $25 from Wally-world.  Forwarding fees were $13.  A little pricy, but hey, you can’t buy the stuff here.

Upping our Spanish lessons to 3 per week.  We’ve been busy and the lessons just fell off, so we told Noshy to push us.  Next lesson is thursday and we’re going to start hitting the flash cards.  YIKES!!!

Tomorrow (actually, it’s today – it’s now 2:11 am here)  we’re going to an insurance seminar.  Health insurance.  100% hospital, 90% everything else.  Take a guess!!!   Yep, you’re right … it’s $40 a month for the two of us.

OK, I’m going to publish this now and go to bed knowing that we have a blog again.  Will let everyone know the new address when we wake up.

Oh, the photos in the slide show above came from the roof of the TV station where Noshy works.  I climbed up there a couple of days ago and got some reasonably decent shots.  We’re ordering a small (but decent) point & shoot camera in the next day or two and we’ll be (make that Mimi will be) shooting like mad soon.

Chow Chow!


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One Response to Just Makes Me MAD!!!

  1. Cindy Donohoo says:

    What beautiful pics! Please help, could not find Mimi on wash day!
    Miss you guys. In less than 10 weeks we will have our first frost!
    Cindy Donohoo

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