More Dentist – Pics of Town – Lunch with Peg

Well, today is Tuesday and we went into town again to have lunch with Peg – El Tunel – appitizer, soup, main dish (fried rice with shrimp), desert (always the best part) and fresh squeezed juice.  $2 each.  We LOVE that.

Yesterday, we were in town for some x-rays for Mimi – she’s starting her dental routine later this afternoon.  Doctora Andrea – very nice and just 7 blocks from here.  I’ll let you know how that all works out.

Here’s a few more pics from yesterday – 1st is Mimi shooting a gate, me shooting the kids climbing an old stone arch bridge, a girl decenting the bridge (with help from a friend), a few street and building scenes, then some scenes at one of the open markets near Parque Calderone, the a couple of shops (the town is full of these types of shops – very small).  The rest are more churches – there is something like two dozen in the downtown area – All Old.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We also got a really cute video of Mia yesterday – she’s reciting “Indian Child” – I think she’s headed for stardom.  You can see her in action on   – search for Mia Indian Child … it should be the first one on the list.

We’ve decided that we’ve been eating too much sugar, so we’re cutting down on trips to the bakery – darn!!!    Maybe it will help with our girlish figures.

The building across the street is still growing – it’s up to 5 floors now and they’re working on #6.  We hear it’s going to 12 stories – I’ll have to go to our roof to take pics pretty soon.

We’ve heard that our Canon SX 230 HS has left Miami headed south, so we’re expecting that in another 10 days or so.  That will make it easier to shoot street scenes and to take videos.

Nearing time to go to see Doctora Andrea – I’ll try to write more soon.

Chow Chow


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One Response to More Dentist – Pics of Town – Lunch with Peg

  1. Cindy Donohoo says:

    Love the river pic. know the name of river?
    When you say old churches, what is the oldest?
    Yep, would love a $2 lunch bill. Met up with Phyllis Copeland for Soup and Sandwich, tea. With tip/$16. Do you tip there?
    hugs to both!

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