Tuesday again

Well, it’s Tuesday again – we’re loosing track of days now.  The only thing that regulates our time now is Mimi’s dentist appointments.  Once those are done, we may go off the calendar completely.

OK, some more pics are in order.  First is little David at 2 weeks old (parents are still in shock/sleep deprivation mode).  Next is some roses (the national flower) from the downtown flower market.  We’ll get some good photos of the market this weekend.  The little parro (dog) was the guard at a downtown funeral shop (caskets – many were child size).  Then several more street scenes.  The steps (don’t show very well), but there are 89 of them.  We huffed and puffed our way up them at first – now we can just walk normally up them. (smile).  The river is the Tomebamba about a block from our apartment.  The neighborhood roofs was taken from our roof (7 stories up) – roofs may be a repeat from the other blog that the dorks at google deleted.

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We went to a concert (German Youth Orchestra – up to 21 years old) last Wednesday evening with Peg.  Beautiful auditorium and wonderful performance.  Brought back memories of Peter’s days in the orchestra.  We do wish he had kept it up.  Anyway, there are lots of concerts and events here – most are free – so it’s just taxi fare or bus quarters for expenses.

Went to Peg’s on Friday (sans Mimi) to fix her dinning table with Alfredo (Noshy’s husband).  He has a handyman business and I got to be his assistant.  Nice to play with tools and repairs again – I do miss that.

We’ve been mostly lazy and haven’t gone out much.  I’ve been working on the book (now published) and the websites (mostly up and running) … see www.CuencaFotografia.com for one of them.  The medical thing I’m still working on.  I’m also thinking about a political blog (off with ALL their heads) – still figuring out what I want to say on that (actually, I know what I want to say, I’m just trying to find a half-way polite way of saying it).  Although we don’t physically live in the country, we are still very concerned about it’s survival.  OK, enough of that – my blood pressure is going up again.

Bought some hamburger at SuperMaxi the other day and it was actually pretty good.  We haven’t be able to find meat that we like, but this stuff was close to stateside taste.  I had a burger and it was good.  Put some in my famous “Dave’s Spaghetti Sauce” and it was good too.  So maybe meat is back on the menu – perhaps once a month or so.

We’re hoping our little camera will show up by the end of the week.  We’re itching to make some videos and post them on here.

I’m going to go work on some photos to calm my mind!

Chow Chow


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