September already

My but time is flying by.  We’ve already been here two and a half months.  It seems, to our “mature” minds, that we’ve been here years.  We’re both very comfortable with this new life and we’re really loving this city.  Our attorneys said we’ve got another couple of months (at least) to wait for our visas and we’re hoping that they will accept us.  We’re following the news from the states – and we’re glad to be in Ecuador.

Mimi got her haircut yesterday at Miriam’s.  It’s kind of fun to go there because she speaks NO english – so Mimi just tells her to “do whatever she wants” – see pics below.  I spend my waiting time sitting in one of the barber chairs reading “El Condorito”, which is a comic book series here (in Spanish, of course).  I believe the caption says “You wanted the neighbor, my love?”  My Spanish is not great yet, but I think that is correct.  And yes, their culture is a bit spicy (smile).  Of course, the frig art is our gallery of princess art.

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Noshy was over to do Spanish lessons and decided she’d cook us dinner, so we had rice and peas and a tortilla made with tuna fish (the only thing we had in the house at the time).  Pretty good – tasted a lot like a fish cake.  We’re redoing our diets, cutting out meat, chicken, fish, dairy, sugar —- hummmm — I guess that leaves fruits, veggies, water, and tree bark.  We’ll keep you posted.

Weather is gorgeous today.  Its been rainy and a bit cool (mid to high 60s) for a week or more, but today it’s sunny and blue skys (and will probably get up to a soaring 70).   Spring is almost here, so we’ll be warmnig up a few degrees soon.

This sunday we’re supposed to go with Alfredo to take some pictures around the city.  He has a car which makes it easier to dash around.  We’re also going to try to get out into the mountains sometime soon and get some pics there.  El Cajas national park is just a short ride out of the city and is beautiful (we have heard) – so we’ll try to shoot it soon and post it.

We’re looking for someone who is coming to visit – we need a few things brought down (like an Epson 1400 printer and socks for Mimi).  Any volunteers?  Actually, if anyone is coming this way, please let us know – we’d like to get Mimi’s massage table brought down.

That’s all for now.   Chow Chow


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2 Responses to September already

  1. Colleen says:

    Your photos of Cueca, it’s architecture and people are beautiful!

  2. Colleen says:

    Oops, I meant Cuenca.

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