Sunday, the 11th – Another Nice Day in Cuenca

We went downtown this morning to find some papel fotografico (photo paper) for my new Epson photo printer.  We hiked around to several stores and yup, you guessed it – closed.  Even the guy who floats and is usually at the big church (with the blue domes) was on vacation.  Well, we had a nice walk anyway – and we took some (never before seen) photos.

The photos start with the 2 little girls who were out playing in a puddle in front of our building with some paper boats after a rain the other day.  They are cute as a button (as Mom used to say) and belong to the building guard who lives on the first floor.  Next is a view of the city from the church at Turi, which is just above the city.  Our neighborhood is on the left side of the photo, not too far in from the mountains.  Next pic is Dragon Fruit and it is delicious!!!  Next several shots (up to the pic of us eating) were taken this morning in and around the flower market – which is in the courtyard of a church.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Noshy & Alfredo invited us out to lunch and all 7 of us piled into their black limo (I’ll get a pic of that sometime soon) and we drove up to Che’s Restaurant – the owner loves Che Guevera (sp may be off here) and there are photos of him and other revolutionaries all over the restaurant.  Anyway, we had lunch (pig, chicken, rice, potato cakes, white corn, something like lima beans – it was all very good.  We did not have any cuy (guinea pig) – perhaps next time – but you can see 2 of them cooking on the spit next to the chickens.  Mimi got lots of pics.  Kids are Sarita, Ruben, Matthew.  Last pic is me and Jefe (pronounced heffy) Alfredo (Boss Al) up at Turi at the overlook.

I’m going to try to insert a movie clip here – this is one of the “entertainers” around the Blue Dome church downtown.  As I said, floating guy wasn’t there, but we’ll get him next week.  The neño (boy) with the gato (cat) was just standing watching the entertainer.  See what you think.  …….  Hummm?  That isn’t as easy as I thought – I’ll have to make it into a YouTube video first (or pay $60 to use the WordPress video converter).  OK, well, I’ll work on putting this video thing together, putting it out on Youtube, then adding it here on a future blog.

Mimi’s calling for “Smoothies” and Peter/Nichole/Mia are about to call and SKYPE!  So I’m outta here.  Chow Chow



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One Response to Sunday, the 11th – Another Nice Day in Cuenca

  1. Liz says:

    Hello Mimi and Dave – – I have enjoyed the blog and love reading of your adventures – so much so I was looking into tickets yesterday evening. Would you be up for a visitor or two in January? Love you both! Liz

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