Dave the Grouch

Well, good morning all. Hope you’re having a wonderful day!!!

I have to say I’m feeling particularly venomous this morning,
thank you wal…. for not accepting my order for a pair of pants (even though
the shipping address is in the states and the credit card is fine). Between
them and these fanatic (and/or idiotic) politicians and wanna-be powerfuls in
the states, I’m just off my breakfast today.   Perhaps a revolution would be in order!?!

But, on a lighter note, the sky is full of fluffy white clouds, Louis
and the girls are out in front of the building playing soccer (or something
like it) and it’s fun to watch them. I’m listening to my usual radio station
(Portland, Oregon classical) and that is somewhat soothing. Once I take my
shower, I’m going to walk down to SuperMaxi and buy some more strawberries –
yummy!!! That should make me feel some better.

Not too much happening here and that is good. We’re considering
buying a new mattress. We’re both getting tired of sleeping in a hole (in the
foam). We saw a pillow-top mattress downtown for $261 and have been lusting
after it. I’ve also been looking at paper cutters, but they are expensive. I
have a great one in Hollywood, but it’s too big to fit in a suitcase (I think).

Speaking of which, Liz and friend Elaine are coming for a visit in
January. That will be great. They’re going to the Galapagos first, then coming
here. Would love to go to the islands with them, but it is a bit expensive for
us for now. We are hoping they can bring us a few things that we left in
Hollywood. It will be great to have visitors.

Alfredo was supposed to bring me the studio lights on Wednesday.
Having failed that, I was expecting him on Thursday. Again, no show. So, now
it’s Saturday and Noshy (Alfredo’s wife) is coming to get her photo taken this
afternoon. Hummmm? Still no lights.

Our Spanish is still struggling (or pathetic) so we’ve got a young
couple coming over tomorrow to start working with us.  It’s our own damn fault – we’re just not
putting any time into learning it.  We
can get by with what we know, so it’s easy to slide.  A little more motivation is needed on our

On Sunday, we’re heading out to Peg’s to try and fire up the
wood-fired oven that Fernando made.  I
have my doubts about it, but said we’d give it a try.  I’ve been thinking about building an oven
here (somewhere here), but so far have resisted the urge.  I wouldn’t mind making an oven in a
restaurant and specializing in pizza, but that is more money then we have to spend.  Anyway, tomorrow is Fernando’s oven – I’ll
have pics next week.

I’m off to the shower – Chow Chow for Now!


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