It’s a better week

Went out to Peg’s house with Grace and Fernando to try out their oven.  Fernando had built it a year or so ago but it had never been tested.  Looks pretty rough, but I thought I’d lite it on fire and see what happened.  Photos below.  Oh, the first photo in the series is Doctora Andrea – Mimi’s dentist.

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I have volunteered to help Fernando build another oven and/or fix up what he has.  Should be a fun and interesting project.  I’m hoping they accept on building a new one (they will have to buy the materials).  We’ll keep you posted.

Mimi has one more trip to see Doctora Andrea, then she is hopefully finished with the dentist for now.  She loves Dra. Andrea and I’m sure will miss her – but not the drill.

Today, we signed up for our health insurance program.  It’s $92.56 per month for the both of us and covers 100% up to $20,000 for each occurance.   We can add up to a million more for another $60 or so a month, but figure the $20K/per incident ought to be enough down here.  So, that was done today and we went to the German Bakery to celebrate – pastry to die for and the sandwiches are excellent also.  What diet?

We also met a couple (coming into the insurance office as we were leaving) – Lional & Jackie – we talked a little – nice people.  We’re hoping to get to see more of them.  On the same note, Peg’s birthday is this week (as is Sally’s in Weaverville) – I think they’re both around 30 something.  I believe we’re going up to Gringo Towers to celebrate with some of Peg’s friends but that is to be determined – again, we’ll keep you posted.

Oh, it’s movie time (with popcorn) so I’m outta here.

Chow chow for now.


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